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NEWSLETTER #6 - 24/04/2016

Dear DPFC People,

Wow! What an amazing night that was on Monday. More than 110 people crammed in to the hall to see Earl Cameron and the 1959 film SAPPHIRE. People were sitting on the stairs, sitting on children’s chairs, standing at the back and we even had to turn some people away.

Earl Cameron was so moving and inspiring - especially when he spoke about racism and enduring hard times in life - I only wished we’d recorded him. This blog by local historian Andrew Whitehead (author of ‘Curious Camden Town’) sums up the evening and includes some of the filming locations in Dartmouth Park.

I’d watched the film on my own and enjoyed it, but seeing it with a big group of people - all cheering and laughing and gasping - was just magic. It reminded me why I love film so much and how different the experience is when you watch a film with a community of likeminded souls. Thank you for coming and making it so special!

Earl and his wife, Barbara, were chuffed with the whole thing. The next day we took them to some of the filming locations and also to have brunch at the cafe on the Heath.

So 'Thank You' to Earl and Barbara for coming all the way from Kenilworth for the screening. And a huge thanks to Virginia Kerridge who took two days out of her life to drive Earl and Barbara down to London and back home again. Thank you also to everyone who helped make it happen - from the tree poster volunteers to Carole who made popcorn to Joginder’s Supper Club for the delicious Indian snacks, to all of you who helped on the night.

Finally, I wanted to share a lovely comment we had through our website.

"Just wanted to say that I saw this event published in 'The Kentishtowner' which I picked up by chance outside Gospel Oak station on Monday morning. I remember seeing the film 'Sapphire' when it came out. My mum took me to the Odeon cinema on Haverstock Hill when I was twelve. It made an enormous impression on me at the time as it brought up two shocking and controversial issues: of sex outside marriage and outright racism. I am always reminded of the film each time I walk over the Heath and pass the place where 'the body' was found! I have always wanted to see the film again, so was delighted at the serendipity of finding that article.
I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. What a good idea to get local people together and support the library into the bargain! And Earl Cameron is a truly marvellous old man. Thanks once again for a great evening.” -

See you at our next event on May 10

Lizzie, Christo and Matt

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