Dartmouth Park Film Club



Yours Truly (Animation)

Film icons burst through yesterday's emulsion to tell the conflicting story of Frank & Charlie who sacrifice their morals to find love.

Three time BAFTA nominated director and animator Osbert Parker lives in Highgate and produced this animation in his Highgate Studio.

My Bidet (Comedy)

Why does no one in England use a bidet? In this comically arch short, Valeria Coizza, newly arrived from Italy, questions our personal hygiene habits.

Valeria Coizza, who lives in Dartmouth Park, trained as a stills photographer and made music videos and commercials before finding her true love: documentaries. This is her first film as director.

Across Still Water (Documentary)

A story of loss and friendship as a young man faces a world of imminent darkness.

John Chapman, the star of the film, has lived on the Ingestre Road Estate nearly all his life. Despite losing his sight he has, with the help of neighbours and a young boy, continued to go night fishing on Hampstead Heath.

The Birch (Horror)

A bullied schoolboy takes drastic measures against his tormenter, summoning an ancient being in the woods.

The role of Grandma is played by long-term DP resident actor Corinna Marlowe. After many roles in the West End, at the National and other theatres, Corinna made her first feature film in 2011 – HYSTERIA with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy.

Corinthian (Drama)

Two people fight for more than glory in the brutal world of bare knuckle boxing.

David Whitney, who plays Mickey, lives on St Albans Road in Dartmouth Park. David trained at The Drama Centre in Kentish Town and he also works as a stand up comedian.