Dartmouth Park Film Club

Highgate Library Civic and Cultural Centre
Croftdown Road

Macbeth (Justin Kurzel, 2015)

Jun 27
Highgate Civic & Culture Centre - London 7:00 PM

This extraordinary retelling of William Shakespeare’s story of a king driven to murder and madness preserves the dark poetry of the Bard’s play, but presents it with remarkable style and vision.

Macbeth, played by Michael Fassbender, is a man of war: we see him at the centre of the carnage in climactic, eye-popping battle scenes. While in a strangely calm trance, he meets a troupe of witches who foretell his future. Consumed by ambition, he is intrigued when the prophecy starts to come true. But it is his wife, Lady Macbeth (Oscar winner Cotillard), who takes the initiative and hatches a plot to kill beloved King Duncan and seize his crown by force.

The cast give superb performances, delivering dialogue with spellbinding, understated intensity. Director Kurzel infuses the 12th century with dread, paranoia and violence, bringing Shakespeare’s words chillingly to life.

Post screening Q&A with Editor Chris Dickens